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No more cables in the conference room

Ubiq guarantees internal employees and guests can present cable-free in seconds, without worrying about cables and dongles. 

In just minutes, Ubiq will help you:

Some of the world's most respected companies trust Ubiq

5 mins of setup to get 

cable-free conference rooms

1. Sign up and you'll get an email with the Hive Software download link and credentials. 

2. Download the Ubiq Hive Software on a Windows device and connect to your display.

3. In order to present, go to, enter the code you see on the display and present. 

Make your conference room wire-free in seconds 

Run Efficient Meetings Without Worrying About Cables, Adapters, and Wires Using Ubiq.

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Hear what customers are saying

Eliminate All Conference Room Cables

Start A Presentation From Any Device Regardless Of Its Display Ports

Improve Productivity And Efficiency For Both Users and IT

Designed for IT 

With Ubiq, our users are able to walk into a meeting room confident in the knowledge that presentations will be made on time. It makes my life easier since I no longer have to come down to the meeting room right before the presentation. Now I go on the dashboards to ensure that presentations are going smoothly and everything is stable.

Michael Gladstone, Director of IT/S, Condrain Group

The ease of use is the most outstanding feature of Ubiq Hive. After plugging in the device to our TV and doing a 5-minute setup, all I had to do on my laptop is install the app and press connect. Everyone in the office that has used Ubiq app, have been thoroughly impressed.

Josh L, Product Manager at ESHA Research

Getting rid of cables has made our meeting room a safer place to walk around and much nicer to look at. Switching presenters quickly throughout a roo full of people has made meetings much more efficient as well.

William S, System Administrator at Innovative Steam Technologies 

Frequently Asked Questions


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* It's completely free. No credit card required.

Ubiq's device configuration and management is centralized in an online dashboard application, which monitors the status of all devices. Configuration takes no more than 5 minutes.

What’s the difference between the software only model vs managed software model? 

  1. Software only model - Only includes wireless screen sharing. 
  2. Managed Software model - includes all our features: wireless screen sharing, calendar integration, digital signage, remote presentation, cloud dashboard and enterprise support. 
    • Calendar Integration - We integrate with your meeting room calendar. By integrating your meeting room calendar, it will alert the users when their meeting is suppose to start or end. 
    • Digital Signage - You can use the cloud dashboard to upload multimedia content such as images, web links and videos. 
    • Cloud Management Dashboard - The cloud dashboard allows you to remotely monitor, manage and troubleshoot your conference rooms. 

How does Ubiq work?

With Ubiq, all you need to do is load the Ubiq Hive software to a windows machine and plug it to a display via HDM/VGA. 

What's the cost?

We have 2 pricing models: 

  1. Software only model - $0 
  2. Managed Software model - $49/month per conference room license billed annually.  

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